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Aidan O’Rourke

Freelance teacher / trainer / coach in Languages and Photography, based in Manchester / NW England. Degree in Modern Languages from Trinity College Dublin. Post Graduate Certificate in Modern Languages and English from Greenwich University London. Many years experience in education and as a freelance professional in online media.

Twitter accounts:
@GermaniaFM – Focusing mainly on German language
@AidanPolyglot – Campaigning for Britain’s place in Europe
@AidanEyewitness – Focused on Photography and cities

“Linguist, photographer, writer, videographer occasional musician and dedicated freelance teacher. I’m British/English by birth and residence, first generation Irish by background and I feel partly German through my knowledge of the language and culture. Proudly pro-European, I love to travel but I also love where I live. I feel equally at home in Manchester or Berlin, Liverpool or Leipzig, Dublin or New York, London or Hong Kong. For me, two of the most important skills are languages, so you can understand the culture and communicate with people, and photography, so you can record your experiences and communicate them in pictures. “

 Language learning is great!

Learning a language is one of the best things you can do in life. It’s fun and satisfying, it makes foreign trips more interesting and enjoyable, even a basic knowledge can help you in difficult situations, it keeps your mind alert, helps you to make new friends and it teaches you about your native language.

What I teach


My main subject. I studied German at Trinity College Dublin and have achieved very high standard through studying it and teaching it. I have clear and near perfect High German pronunciation.


I’ve taught English as a Foreign Language in the UK, the MIddle East, Hong Kong and Germany. People say I have a very clear speaking voice that’s understandable for learners of English.

Language Learning Techniques

I believe that before you start to learn a language, you need to learn how to learn a language. I give tips on language learning stategies e-books and online courses.

Other languages

I’m interested in other languages, including French. I’ve studied the basics of Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and other languages and incorporate them into my videos.


My other teaching subject. I teach photography and am developing courses in both English and German. Photography can help you to learn a language!

One-to-one Tutoring

If you’re interested in one-to-one tutoring, it may be possible, depending on availability and/or location.

I provide face to face tutoring and in-company training in the North West of England.

I can also offer tuition via videolink and can also provide face-to-face coaching to students in the Berlin area.

Please contact and I will reply within 24 hours.

How can I start?


Watch my YouTube videos on either of my two YouTube channels German in a Few Minutes or AidanORourke.

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Send a text message to (44) 07779 290082. You are welcome to call me but I may not be able to answer as I am often teachihg.

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